"I appreciate the ease of online statements and payments."
Annie H., Maricopa, AZ
"They were good enough to give me a chance to rebuild my credit when others would not. Have increased my limit without me having to ask. On-line banking is easy to navigate, and like getting my FICO Score in seconds."
Cary J., Lovington, NM
"They help you rebuild your credit, by giving you automatic increases on your credit cards when you have proven that you can responsibly pay your monthly balances on time for 6 months."
Manchester ME
"Over all service is excellent."
Joyce M., Statesville, NC
"Thankful to have been able to get a credit card to help rebuild my fico score after my husband’s death. His illness had a detrimental effect on my credit, and thanks to my Merrick Bank credit card, I am on my way to a much better credit rating."
Cathe D., Elizabethton, TN
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