"I like the fact that Merrick Bank rewards me with higher credit limits as my credit score increases, without me having to ask."
Richard B., Sacramento, CA
"Finally a company that looks at the customer as an asset and rewards them."
Richard C., Beacon, NY
"I like the fact that they took a chance with me when others wouldn't, and I have redeemed myself through them. I really like being a part of Merrick Bank. It's like having a silent partner with backing."
Virgle P., Hockley, TX
"• What I like most about Merrick Bank is that with time passed I can receive an increase of my account and my credit score can improve if I continue to pay on time. I can also watch my credit rating."
Wilhelmina J., Cedar Hill, TX
"Merrick Bank was there when I needed them. When other Credit companies wouldn't take the risk on me after my BK. Merrick has helped me build my credit back ever since. I now have many offers from other companies for their credit cards. However, I stick with the company who was there for me. Thanks Merrick Bank."
Lawrence D., Ormond Beach, FL
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