"Works with those who try to rebuild their credit and rewards those who manage their account & balances with limit increases."
Chris, G., Franklinville, NC
"They reward you for making on time payments by increasing credit line."
Mark G., Wake Forest NC
"When I was trying to re-establish my credit Merrick was one of the first banks to approve me. I have worked hard to improve my credit rating and I feel that Merrick has done a great job at reconciling my hard work. I know have purchased a house and have seen my credit move little by little in the right direction. Thanks Merrick Bank for giving me a chance to prove myself."
Martha T., Hyattsville, MD
"Since my husband has died Merrick Bank has been a financial catalyst for me. I get to do some special things. Since, I handle my account responsibly, the bank has increased my credit limit which gives me more opportunities. And, I appreciate them recognizing my efforts to manage the account."
Geraldine H., Stone Mountain, GA
"They watch my account closely for fraud. I really like this CC."
Joyce K., Reynoldsburg, OH
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